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Supporting You and Your Clients Through COVID-19

Posted by Revive Financial on Aug 27, 2020 9:36:23 AM

Our restructuring specialist and liquidator, Jarvis Archer recently chatted with Heather Smith on her webinar for accountants and bookkeepers. They discussed insolvency and how accountants can support their clients through the liquidation process.

As an accountant or bookkeeper during these uncertain times you know how your clients are doing. Possibly better than they do. It’s important to be aware of the insolvency warning signs, understand the options available to rebuild after COVID-19, how to prepare for an insolvency appointment and what insolvency can mean for directors personally.

Jarvis answers a number of common questions in relation to the current Government stimulus measures for businesses, what questions accountants/bookkeepers should be asking their clients and what triggers businesses should be aware of when experiencing financial difficulty.

If you have clients who may be in trouble as JobKeeper comes to an end, it’s vital to put a plan in place now. To assist you, our accountants’ toolbox is designed to help those difficult discussions. Our team is available to answer questions or discuss a client’s situation during business hours on 1800 560 557.

Webinar/podcast links to Heather’s discussion with Jarvis:



If you’re interested in joining Heather’s webinars which provide valuable support and assistance for accountants and bookkeepers, see her upcoming events below:

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