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How We Work With You

Posted by Revive Financial on Jun 13, 2018 12:00:00 AM

At Revive Financial, we understand the strong relationship you have with your clients. So when they are facing financial difficulty, you naturally want to find a solution that best meets their needs.

Revive offers a range of services – nation wide

To do that, you need straightforward and honest advice, from someone you can trust. That’s why you should talk to the team here at Revive. We’re independent advisors who specialise in insolvency, rather than business services or audits. With our easy-to-use services, you can give your clients the best possible insolvency advice and services anywhere in Australia and how much you get involved in the actual insolvency process is entirely up to you.

How It Works

Here's how it works – let’s say you suspect one of your clients may have solvency issues. Or maybe they’ve actually received a directors penalty notice or demand for payment they can’t afford. That’s why you should contact us here at Revive. We can learn about your client’s situation and discuss the options available. We can then arrange a phone call or web meeting to come up with the best solution. It’s totally up to you who is included in this meeting. We can chat to your and your client or have a one on one with just you or a one on one with your client. We understand you may not want to get involved, and that’s fine and we can have as many phone calls or web meetings as you need – they’re all included.

Revive How We Work With You

It’s as involved as you please

If necessary, we can send you and your client any documents needed to place the company into liquidation, voluntary administration or individual bankruptcy. Once the documents have been completed and sent back to us we’ll complete the liquidation, voluntary administration or bankruptcy process. Here at Revive, we have the procedures and the technology to keep the referral process running smoothly. So chances are we’ll never need to meet face to face but we’ll keep you up to date throughout the entire process so you know exactly what’s going on. Which will help you maintain that strong relationship you have with your client.

For more information on director advice, check out our director advice page here.

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